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Crying would just get me hard all over again!

Are you fucking kidding me. She’s in subdrop, she’s getting aftercare (WHICH IS SO FUCKING IMPORTANT), and you say that “crying would just get me hard all over again.” Fuuuuuck that shit. 

Ugh. I’ve seen this video, it’s fucking heartbreaking. She tries so hard but she breaks down, saying “I don’t want to fail.” The whole scene stops and he takes care of her, which is exactly what should happen. I’ve heard plenty of sketchy shit about but I really respect that they released this - it made me a Krysta Kaos fan.

To sexualize someone having a breakdown… Come on, people.

I will never understand “doms” who don’t understand the importance of aftercare. Like, I need it as badly as the sub I’m playing with and when I don’t get it, and it happens with subs who haven’t received it in the past and therefor doesn’t know how to accept it, I’ve had it happen, and it leaves me feeling really uncomfortable and unfulfilled. 

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